this is the website of adam isaak (he/they). on it you will find a list of some things i've made over the years and how to contact me.


i have worked as the following things: pizza delivery driver, janitor, retirement home dishwasher, undergrad astronomy teaching assistant, 35mm photo developer, agricultural warehouse forklift driver, think tank media producer, podcast producer (400+ episodes!), science journalist, encyclopedia article writer, cnbc technology video producer, daytime emmys video editor, tested.com producer, (award winning!) comedy album producer.

cnbc videos

i was a producer for cnbc in san francisco. while there i made videos like these:

why is the u.s. so terrible at high speed trains? πŸš„, a nuanced look at video games and violence πŸ—‘οΈ, the history of light bulbs πŸ’‘, how sea water desalination works 🌊, what it means when companies say your phone is waterproof πŸ“±, the history of nintendo πŸ„, why covid conspiracies were already running wild in 2020 🦠, how the ultra rich are trying to live forever πŸ’Š, how smart assistants work πŸ—£οΈ, and why 5g isn't going to hurt you πŸ“‘.

tested videos

i was a producer at tested.com where i made videos with adam savage and others about technology, tools, pop culture, and other dork stuff: following around adam as hellboy or kylo ren, building a lego sisyphus, a dog car seat, or cosplay parts.

we also launched an apollo capsule weather balloon at night, contributed to the stanley kubrick museum, did a lot of early vr stuff, and built a bathtub in a truck.

other videos

i produced a series of videos for simone giertz and google where we did diy astronaut training: g-force training (rented an orbitron), isolation training (locked simone in bathroom), zero-g training (floated around plane).

there's also joe nickell investigates: attack of the chupacabra, a live science quiz show, whatever this is, and lots more i'm forgetting about.


i created and produce a weekly science podcast called inquiring mindsβ€”first with mother jones, and now independently. it's been downloaded more than 15 million times and we've released over 400 episodes.

i produced three seasons (1-3) of cadence, a podcast about music and neuroscience.


my email is adam at adamisaak dot com

i'm on instagram at @adamisaak.